The Proposal

P1030009Nick’s Story:

“I had no idea how or when to propose. I knew that it had to be different. I didn’t want her to expect the proposal so I pushed the date back every time she asked about it. I decided to ask her in the butterfly house at the Bronx Zoo with her family. I never thought about how hard it would be to transport the ring. Do you bring it in a box, or by itself? I went with keep it in my 5th pocket, apparently that’s what it’s for. I was nervous all day, not about her saying yes – I was worried about how I was going to do it. There I was, with sweaty palmed ring in hand, and just the perfect moment in mind. The words flowed in a fast and incoherent way, thankfully she heard them in a romantic light and said “Yes”.


IMG_2115Lisa’s Story :

Although I knew he had the ring for 6 months – he still managed to surprise me! We were at the Bronx Zoo with my family for my Mother’s Birthday. It was Nick, my Mom, Dad, Robbie, Alison, my nephew Robbie and their nephews Aidan and Jake with me. The kids were moving through the butterfly exhibit quickly and I asked Nick if he would hang back with me, I was trying to get a butterfly to land on me and needed to stay still for a bit. I thanked Nick for spending the extra time with me, and Nick said “Would you like to spend a whole lot more time with me?” and showed me the ring. Butterflies all around, all I could see was Nick, it was like time stood still. I know, totally cheesy! I even cried! And said yes!