About Us

Nick and Lisa first met in April 2007 at a college radio station. They didn’t like each other right away. One day they found each other at a party and got to talking. After getting to know each other they realized they were two of the most awesome people on the planet. By the time summer was over they agreed it would be an injustice to the world if they didn’t join forces as a couple (9/8/07). There were ups and downs as is expected, none-the-less they decided to move cross country together and live on a farm in Idaho (January 2010) while Nick worked at his Aunt and Uncle’s Brewery – Idaho Brewing Company. It was in Idaho as Nick was teaching Lisa how to chop wood near the cows that they discovered it was true love. While in Idaho they adopted Captain Kitty who is just as awesome as Lisa and Nick.

After moving back to New Jersey, Nick and Lisa bought a house together in Dunellen, January 2013. Nick proposed to Lisa on April 27, 2013 in the Butterfly exhibit of the Bronx Zoo.